Battlefield Design can create maps covering war and conflicts across the globe,
from single unit deployments to major battles and campaigns.

Our aim is to make our maps clear, accurate and effective, whether they are to be published in a book, displayed in schools or museums, or used in the field as a tour guide. We can fit in with your existing style, or create a new one to suit your needs, complete with any branding for your organisation.

We use the latest Adobe software to produce maps at any size that are fully layered and organised to make any alterations or additions as quick and easy as possible. This can also be extremely useful for maps showing tunnel networks with trenches and craters above, or different stages of a battle at the same location.

We can work from a variety of source material including existing maps and diagrams, digital files in most software packages or even rough sketches on a scrap of paper. Finished maps can be supplied digitally - either to you or direct to your publisher - or as printed material, such as information sheets for battlefield tours or posters for schools and museums.

We are currently working on several large map projects including the Somme battlefields of the First World War, the Battle of Waterloo and the clash of armour at Kursk in 1943.

Recent Projects

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Some of our recent maps for battlefield guides and military history books, including Peter Barton's latest work, 'The Lost Legions of Fromelles'.